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*All prices are quoted in Australian dollars (AUD).

SSL Certificate – $45/year

Do you know that green lock in your web browser’s address bar? That’s an SSL certificate. An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate protects your website visitors’ sensitive data, when they share personal information with you, such as their email address when emailing through your contact form, subscribing to your newsletter, or commenting on your blog posts, as well as their credit card and address if you sell via your website. Having an SSL certificate means Google will show your website with a green padlock symbol, giving you and your visitors the peace of mind that the data being transferred on your site is secure. If you do not have an SSL certificate, Google will label your site as ‘not secure’

Find out more about what an SSL Certificate does

Spam Filter – $64

If you run a blog, any page with comments enabled, or have a contact form, a spam filter is a must. It ensures your site looks professional and credible so that meaningful discussions take place in comments sections without annoying spam. You also won’t be spending any time sorting through and deleting spam in your inbox submitted through your contact form.

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Google Analytics – $96

Installing Google analytics will give you access to detailed information, data, and statistics about your website visitors. It also offers powerful tools to interpret and analyse that data. The learning curve for using Google Analytics is steeper than Jetpack Analytics (another analytics feature we offer), but the analytical tools Google offers are more powerful.

Jetpack Analytics – $96

Jetpack Analytics will give you access to statistics and data about your website visitors. The data generated is not as detailed as Google Analytics (a similar analytics feature we offer), and the tools it offers to interpret and analyse data is not as powerful. However, it is more intuitive to use, and easier to learn, for less tech-savvy users. Plus, you can use Jetpack through your WordPress dashboard, whereas you will have to use a separate platform to view Google Analytics.

Email address with Google Workspace – $192

Google Workspace (formerly ‘G-Suite’) is a service provided by Google that lets you create a personalised email address using your domain name (e.g. [email protected]). You‘ll be able to access this email directly through

This is a once-off purchase for the complete set up and migration of your current email inbox. You’ll then pay a separate ongoing monthly fee to Google for the service.

If you’re setting it up yourself, feel free to use our promo code C3LLWTQ7HAA9KVV to get 20% off the first year.

More information about Google Workspace at their pricing page

Old site to new site content migration and import – $192

Would you prefer us to transfer all of your old site’s content over to your new site?

We can take care of importing all of your current site content: all pages, all books, all blog posts and their associated images and comments.

Newsletter Mailing List Setup and Privacy Policy – $288

I still believe that email is the #1 promotional tool for authors. Having a mailing list to collect your audience’s emails is a great way to measure the size of your audience, and stay in touch with your fans in an engaging way. As part of this feature, I set up your mailing list using MailerLite, MailChimp (or your services of choice), and create a call-to-action subscription form to be displayed on your website for email collection. I also create a privacy policy page on your website, which is generally a good idea if you are collecting personal information from your website visitors.

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Getting found in Google early with SEO and keywords – $336

SEO optimisation is a service we provide to ensure your website ranks high for the relevant search terms in search engines like Google, which means ensuring your website is the first result, or in the first page results for search terms like your name, your book, or your writing service. As part of this service, we ensure your website abides by SEO best practice. This includes technical optmisation, including informing Google of your new website through Google Search Console, and creating and publishing an XML sitemap, so Google knows your pages. It also includes optimisation of your website content, where we offer suggested edits to content like where best to use keywords, optimising your image names, and other tips you can action for SEO best practice.

Read my articles for more: 2-Simple steps for authors to get found in Google with SEO5 Quick Google ranking tips for authors

Social media and RSS feeds on your website – $112

A social feed displays your updates from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Instagram, etc. on your website. This is more than just embedding a social media widget displaying your posts, as we streamline the design of the feed to your site’s design.

If you’re active on social media, it’s a good idea to incorporate your updates from those platforms on your website, making your website a hub for all your online activity which your audience can access in one place. It also keeps your website dynamic and continually fresh with new content, without you having to do any extra work.

For an example, see Vikki Wakefield’s Homepage.

Ask me Anything or Letters Page – $112

This feature allows you to publicly receive and respond to questions and letters from your website visitors. It’s a great way to build community and engagement with your audience and to keep your website content fresh and dynamic.

For an example, see Chrissie Perry’s website

Free downloads for sample chapters or activities – $136

Free downloads are a great way to build your newsletter subscribers. You offer them a free piece of your work, maybe a first chapter when they subscribe to your email list. For children’s authors, this could include, colouring sheets, fun activities, recipes or short stories.

For more examples, see our article: Gain subscribers to your mailing list using free downloads

Upcoming Events and Appearances – $112

Update your website visitors with the dates and details of your latest events, speaking or school appearances, built right into your website.

This differs from a Blog in that events are ordered by event date (not the date you publish the post on your website). It also often contains extra info like venue address, ticket info and links to an external website.

Assistance with Meta tags – $136

Upgrade your site to use optimised meta tags for better appearance in Google search and when your content is shared on social media.

For more examples, see our article: Get found in Google, Facebook & Twitter with Meta Tags

Simple order form for readers to order books – $88

Here we use a simple email contact form – the customer clicks ‘order now’, and fills out their name and address.

You receive the order by email, calculate shipping cost based on their address and reply to their email asking them to pay, probably by direct bank deposit, or PayPal if you have it. Once you have their payment, you post the book.

Buy now button and credit card checkout – $495

This feature allows you to sell products and services right from your site, via a ‘buy now’ button on your product’s page where customers click to pay to your card immediately and supply their information.

You can find out more about buy buttons, and see one in action here 5 ways to sell your books, illustrations, and writing services on your website


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