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Clare Atkins

“Jin has created a functional yet beautiful author website which, amazingly, given we've never met, captures a lot of my personality.”
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“From the start, Jin was able to tease out of us our design ideas and really helped us formulate a clear statement of who and what we are.”
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Belinda Murrell

“My old website was nearly ten years old and it looked tired, dated and messy. Jin's redesign is absolutely gorgeous, warm and welcoming, easy to navigate and has a strong author branding so I’m so thrilled with it.”
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James Kirchick

“From conception to execution, Jin was a pleasure to work with, answering all my queries promptly. I recommend his work highly.”

Rachael Craw

“I came to Jin & Co as a new author with a limited budget. I wanted a simple, attractive, accessible design with my book as the primary focus. I felt he understood what I was looking for and appreciated Jin's willingness to answer my many questions.”
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Emily Gale

“Jin is highly professional, easy-going and conscientious and I’d recommend working with him if - like me - you have a vague idea of what you want but aren’t quite sure how to get there.”
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R.K. Winter

“I live in the US and was surprised by how easy it all was, distance was never a problem, neither for the design nor for any help I needed. It is truly a pleasure and a treat to work with Jin and I highly recommend!”
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Bedlam Books Manuscript Assessment Service

“Our daggy old website could not cope with smartphones or digital commerce. We chose Jin because his designs are lively and attractive, and because he understands our clients - busy, creative people. Jin took charge of all the technical issues, which allowed us to focus on content. Our lovely new site is much easier to navigate, and the parts work together seamlessly.”

Donna M Venter (Red Cardinal Writing)

“If you are like me and don’t know anything about creating a website or what you need to do to maintain one then I would recommend Jin. I had some pretty unusual ideas about how I wanted my site to look. Jin totally got my vision and he found some of my favorite graphics for the site. I found zero issues in working with someone located in another country that started their work day at the same time that mine ended.”
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Fiona Wood

“Jin was relaxed and an extremely clear communicator. I wanted a clean design, and an easy-to-operate site, and that's exactly what I've got - which makes me another happy client.”
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Pro bono

Bec Kavanagh

“Jin generously donated his time and expertise to create a website that would unite the OzYA community.”
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Anna Branford

“Based on the quality of his online portfolio and his clear and helpful response to my initial enquiry, I asked Jin to develop my website.”
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Kelly Parra

“I was looking for a web designer I could trust to combine my young adult works and my adult fiction with my author website. When I came across Jin and Co’s portfolio, I saw the eclectic website templates available and that I could choose the creative look I wanted to reflect my author style within my budget.”

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Vikki Wakefield

“When I started searching for a website designer I felt daunted and a little lost. The result is a website that captures the essence of my style as writer. Jin has that rare quality in a designer – he listens.”
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Kylie Fornasier

“Jin was very clear throughout the entire process and was always ready to answer questions.”
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Kristy Lee (Swift of Pen)

“I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome of the site. It’s exactly what I needed and is very reflective of me and my work.”

Sheryl McCorry

“Jin made something so foreign to me easy.”
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Chrissie Perry

“Jin’s excellent reputation amongst Australian authors is well established, so when I decided I wanted a professional website he was my first choice.”

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Sandy Fussell

“I had no idea mobile was such a significant access point. When Google announced they were restructuring their search algorithm to give preference to mobile friendly sites, I wasn’t worried.”
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Corinne Fenton

“I would recommend Jin & Co. highly to anyone looking for efficiency, reliability and professionalism.”
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Lian Tanner

“As a writer of children’s fantasy, I knew I wanted something different in a website.”
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Jade Winters

“From start to finish Jin was friendly and easy to work with. I did a survey with my readers and had brilliant feedback.
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GJ Stroud

“If you are looking for someone to design your professional author website, then you can stop looking now! Jin & Co. are the goods!”
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Nathan Luff

“The design process was very up front, well thought out and clearly explained so there were no hidden surprises or costs.”
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Suzanne Main

“As a first time author and website customer, I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect, but they guided me through every step of the process.”
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Anne Ryan

“As an author/ illustrator, I had clear design ideas on the look and feel like. I wasn’t sure if that'd be compatible with a designer who knows his trade so well. Jin quickly picked up on the need for me to work in draft form and refine the end result.”
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Penny Matthews

“I was looking for an author website designer to create a very simple, basic site that was still attractive and interesting.”
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Marianne Musgrove

“Jin gets the job done, which is precisely what you want in a website designer. He listens carefully to what you want and then actions it. Jin even gave me a tutorial over the phone. I now feel capable of uploading blog posts and graphics which is no easy feat for a Luddite like me!”
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Karen Tayleur

“The most excruciating part of the process was the most productive — a questionnaire that Jin had me fill in before the commencement of any work. It left me with a clear idea of who I thought my target audience was and what I wanted from my website.”
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Clayton Graham

“Finding Jin was a relief and a blessing. There are few web site companies who look after authors.”
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Stephen Whiteside

“Jin was not intimidated by the flood of information I sent him, and intuitively reflected my passions and interests in his design. He answered all my questions, no matter how foolish some of them must have sounded to him, in a patient and logical manner.”
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Frané Lessac

“I’m loving self-managed my website!”

Gabrielle Wang

“Jin created a site that reflects my personality and the nature of my writing, looks professional and best of all, is simple to navigate.”
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Sally Ninham

“Professional, affordable, uncomplicated, on budget, on time AND a pleasure to work with. It couldn’t have been a better experience really.”

Betty Collerson

“I was looking for a website designer to create a basic website but one that captured my personality and reflected the things that I'm passionate about. Jin created a fun and very attractive website and I found his working process to be straight forward but attentive to the clients' needs and wants. Jin was flexible and nothing was too difficult for him. ”

Goldie Alexander

“Jin Wang recently completed my new website and I am delighted with the result. His design was excellent and he always responded very positively to my needs and demands. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

School Library Association of Victoria

“Jin listens! Clean design, clear instructions and the retention of educational objectives make this site most successful.”

Diana Lawrenson

“It quickly became evident that although some years ago I constructed my first website, the degree of technical sophistication I now wanted would be beyond my ability.”
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Ariel Stone

“The project has provided me with a static web presence accessible to potential readers, agents, and publishers, and the means to maintain a more dynamic web presence through editing capabilities and a blog page.”
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Robert Freebody

“What I was fortunate to find in dealing with Jin & Co wasn't just a unique one-off design that met my brief, but an unwavering commitment from the whole support team to hone and finesse every page. No revision request (or navigation improvement) was ever ‘too much trouble’. Everything was about achieving the right end result.”

Helene Chung

“I chose Jin & Co. for its fresh clean designs and its assurance that someone would always be available in an emergency. Jin and his staff were swift and efficient and I look forward to continuing our new partnership.”

Lorraine Wilson

“Jin and Co came highly recommended by Hazel Edwards. The members of Jin’s team were always ready to listen to my ideas. I believe they understood my lack of technological knowledge, and always respond promptly to my calls for help.”

Edwina Wyatt

“I was pleased with the overall result and appreciated their ongoing efforts in finding solutions even once the website was deployed and the accounts settled. This indicated that the team weren’t solely focused on getting the job done, but genuinely cared about creating a positive experience for their client.”

The Lantern

“Thanks to Jin & Co.’s clean and efficient website design, subscriptions for our journal now run very smoothly and are up considerably!”

Glenda Millard

“I'm very happy with the service Jin provided, proud as can be of my lovely website and will happily recommend Jin & Co. to anyone looking for an excellent author website designer!”

M.B. Lehane

I believe Jin & Co. has a desire to be innovative in order to try and create something that is different, and perhaps, exceptional.”
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Jeannie Baker

“Jin made the whole process of creating my cross-platform responsive website so easy for me! He went out of his way to create the web site I wanted. I’m very happy with the result.”

Tom Rizzo

“Jin is creative, accessible, patient and easy to work with. But above all, he’s thorough, a skills I consider a premium in these days of the quick-turnaround mentality.”

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Danielle Binks

“I came to Jin & Co because Jin has a reputation in the Australian literary scene, as the premier web designer for author sites. And now that I’ve had the pleasure of working with him on a site of my own, I completely understand how he has come to be so well regarded by my peers.”

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Amanda Ortlepp

“I liked that Jin & Co. had done author websites before and therefore knew the type of information the site needed. Their folio examples showed a variety of great designs and were all very different. They were obviously designed to suit the site’s owner rather than all being designed in the same look and feel.”

Cate Stellar

“I found a reference to Jin’s website on the Australian Society of Authors website and after two previous encounters with website developers who were less than satisfactory, I heaved a sigh of relief. I knew I was in good hands.

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Jessica Walton

“It was a delight to work with Jin & Co on my author website. I highly recommend them to any author who needs a website.”

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Fiona Harris

“The very talented Jin Wang has done a fabulous job helping me design the look of the site, as well as figuring out the best way to incorporate my rather varied array of professional endeavours. I would highly recommend Jin to anyone looking for help to design their professional website.”
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Loraine Abernethie (DWB Advisory)

“Jin exceeded my expectations, producing a design that reflects and reinforces the website text, staying in touch throughout the design process, and meeting a tight timeline for building and launching the site.”
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Jenevieve Chang

“Jin has a great visual eye for design, with a sensitivity for an author’s needs in communicating their story. I highly recommend his work!”
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Hakea Hustler & Carl Merrison

“Jin worked closely with us to build a website that we love. I have enjoyed playing with the customisable elements to make the site our own as we begin to grow!”
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Amy Dominy

“I needed something different because I was writing for a variety of age groups and cookie cutter wasn’t going to work. Jin created a site with personality that also met all my practical needs. If you’re in need of a new site, I highly recommend Jin.”
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Vivienne Kelly

“Jin intimately understands writers’ needs and priorities. I recommend him unreservedly.”
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Carrie Gallasch

“I liked the look of Jin and Co websites and loved that he specialised in promoting authors. Jin has worked with a great list of well-known authors, a few of those I had met and trusted their judgement in choosing his company.”
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Sasha Cottman

“Jin has been great to work with, he has listened to what I wanted and delivered a website that makes me smile every time I log on. My website is clean, beautiful and works.”
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Dervla McTiernan

“Jin is a talented designer. His websites are unique, beautifully designed and very good value. I would recommend him to any author who wants a website that will be an asset to their branding and marketing efforts.”
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Catherine M Walker

“ While I realised I could get a canned out of the box website, the problem I had was that I didn’t want it to look like every other site with the same template. I scoured the web looking for designers who specialised on website design for authors. Something about Jin’s own site and the pre-made designs he had on offer struck me. As soon as I signed up with Jin, the website was the one thing that I didn’t have to worry about.”
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Abdiel LeRoy

“I dare say my requirements in creating a customized website are more exacting than those of other writers. I chose Jin after an extensive search, including Skype calls with various designers around the world. I was looking for above-average quality but without resorting to the most expensive designers out there, and I am glad I went with Jin.”
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Joanna Maxwell

“As a business owner for nearly 20 years, I have dealt with at least five web people and Jin is the only one who has delivered on time, on budget and without drama.”
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Dr. Bob

“Jin was a pleasure to work with because he understood almost intuitively what I needed. Just yesterday, an artist friend said that she loved the site because it was pleasant, not gimmicky and really represented me well. I couldn’t ask for more than that.”
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Richard Vos

“As a first time author and self-publisher, I knew I needed a website. The problem was, how best to build one? The numerous “do-it-yourself” on-line offerings did not provide the simple, professional and personalized website look and feel that I wanted. I felt at a loss.”
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