Simple, upfront pricing.

$495 per layout

What’s a ‘layout’?

‘Template’ is another name for layout.

The way in which text, pictures, and styling are set out on a page.

A layout is a page that has a different visual structure from another page.

Two layouts could be Home and Book.

Can I duplicate a layout to create extra pages?

Yes, an extra page can use the same layout and have different content.

You can have an unlimited number of pages from each layout.

Pricing example

What's a ‘Layout?’

Abby orders two layouts: Home layout and a Book layout.

We display Abby’s bio and a summary of her books on her Home page.

Abby has three books. We duplicate her Book layout to create three book pages, at no extra cost.

We add all content and set up Abby’s site from start to finish.

Abby’s website costs $990.

Nathan Luff

“The design process was very up front, well thought out and clearly explained so there were no hidden surprises or costs.”