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Pricing FAQ

Common questions about pricing

How do ‘layouts’ work and do I have to pay for extra pages?

Our websites are built using layouts. A layout is a template used to build multiple webpages. One layout has a different visual structure from another, but multiple pages may use the same layout, with different content, at no extra cost. You can have an unlimited number of pages from each layout, at no extra cost. For example, if you bought the ‘Published’ package, you can use the ‘General Page’ layout for your About Page, your FAQ page, and your page for resources for teachers. Each layout can therefore be repurposed for all kinds of pages.

When will I be billed?

Upon the commencement of the project, our payment terms are 50% on approval of the quote and the balance due on approval of the Design Review Amendments stage. The 50% is split by project stage (design/construction), not by dollar amount.

If you chose to get hosting & domain with us. We start billing you A$330/year as soon as you approve the website for deployment onto the web. For the ’Established’ and ’Brand’ packages, billing begins one year after you approve the website for deployment.

Can I update/add content to my website after it’s launched?

All Jin & Co. websites are powered by the WordPress content management system, which is web-based software non-tech savvy users can access using their web browser, to manage their website content easily. This can include updating your about page, blogging, and replying to comments, etc.

If you need someone to update content for you, check out our Monthly Management Packages.

How much will it cost to redesign my website later down the road? Say, when I launch a new book?

When you release a new book, we offer free content updates to add the new book to your site. If you’re looking to add a new layout, you can purchase a single new template for A$595. If you’re looking to completely change the look of the site, you’re welcome to choose any of our collection designs with one of our flat-rate pricing packages, with a special discount for loyal clients. If you’re just looking for a small tweak here and there, our rate for updates is A$92/hour.

We also offer ‘Monthly Management’ packages, if you need someone to update the content and/or design of your website on a periodic basis.

More info here, Monthly Management Packages.

Can I add a custom layout?

If our packages above don’t include a layout you have in mind, we can create a custom layout for A$595 / USS$ per layout.

What is hosting & Domain and do I need it?

For more details, see our Website Essentials package.

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