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Master the maintenance of your website after it goes live to grow your brand online.

When we launch your site, we don’t think of it as the end of the line – it’s just the beginning!

But how can a non-tech-savvy author master the maintenance of their website after it goes live?

I’ve prepared a 12-part email guide. One email a month. Each with a tip you can put into practice in under 10 minutes or a time-saving upgrade.

By the time it’s your site’s first birthday, you’ll know:

  • The best ways to optimise your website’s rank in search engines
  • How to install WordPress plugins
  • How to collect, interpret, and use data about your website visitors
  • How to use email and a mailing list to build an audience you own
  • The best ways to use social media with your website
  • Great ideas to create engaging website content for your fans
  • How to promote events
  • How to sell from your website
  • How to prepare for your next book launch

It’s free a course, and you can unsubscribe anytime if life gets in the way.


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