A project typically takes 4 weeks from start to finish.

Communication and planning – We discuss your goals, the project brief, content and design. Once the project specifications are determined, I send you a formal quote, with a line-by-line breakdown of the project’s deliverables and costs. On approval of the quote, I send you an invoice and a 50% payment for the project is due. We accept Electronic Fund Transfers and credit card payments.

Content – We collaboratively plan how your website content will be positioned on the site. You supply the content either by using our content submission form, sharing via Google Drive/Dropbox, Uploading via a Dropbox File Request, or simply via email. The communication, planning and content stages take about a week.

Design mockups – I produce mockups for each layout in the design you’ve selected using the content you supplied. If you choose to go for a custom design, I’ll produce a custom mockup. The Design mockups take about a week for us to produce and deliver.

Design Review – Once we complete the mockups and send it to you, you’ll get a chance to review them and suggest changes. We have 1 hour in the budget for amendments. 50% balance of the project is due on approval of the design.

Construction – Once you’ve approved the mockups, we begin construction where I convert the designs into functioning web pages. At this stage, I can also migrate content from an existing site (e.g. Wix, Weebly, or WordPress.com blog), at no extra cost. The Construction usually takes between one and two weeks for us to produce and deliver.

Construction Review – Once we complete the construction and send it to you, you’ll get a chance to review the completed website. We have 1 hour in the budget for amendments. The Website Essentials package (hosting subscription) is purchased on approval of the construction, if you choose to host with me.

Deployment – Once you’ve approved the construction we make the site live!