Answers to common questions about our writer websites.

Are the collection designs customisable (now or in the future)?
Yes, all of the designs flexible and can be adjusted at the start of the project (within reason). We will customise a collection design for your identity, personal style, and content. This can include changes to fonts, colors, background images, background colors, and border styling. Making changes to the design in the future after the site is launched will need to be done by us.
Are your websites mobile friendly?
Yes, your site will be ‘responsive’, meaning it’s optimised for the smaller screen sizes of tablets and mobile devices
Are websites formatted for SEO?
Yes, I build the sites with SEO best practices, such as semantic HTML markup, keyword targeted titles and structured URLs, built to be shared on social, authorship meta tags, all that jazz.
Can you do custom domain names (I’m assuming I’d need to buy the domain name myself)
Yes, we can register any available domain you wish.
We offer a Website Essentials package, which is renewed annually, that includes:
  • Domain name registration/renewal
  • Website hosting
  • Automated backup and security
Can the site accommodate video?
Yes, we can embed video from popular sites like YouTube and Vimeo. Video can also be uploaded directly to your site, via Wordpress, and comes with an easy-to-use video player with controls.
Can the site take all social media widgets (including Good Reads)?

Yes, we can embed Goodreads widgets, like their book reviews widgets. Same goes for any other social network, such as Twitter timeline feeds, etc..

Where are websites hosted (I’m assuming it’s WP)?

We use WordPress to build your site. You’ll have a login account to manage content, blog posts, comments, and books yourself.

Our hosting uses Google Cloud data centres spread across the globe in locations optimised for load speed. These locations are Iowa (USA), London (UK), Eemshaven (Netherlands), Sydney (Australia), and Singapore (Singapore). We allocate our client hosting according to the best server centre for their market and audience.

What is the process for updating the layouts in the future?
For example, if I wanted to add another book to the book page after the launch of the first page. Can updates and edits be carried out by me, or would you need to do that?

Another name for a layout is a template. I create a template for each of the unique pages of the site. For example, I’ll create a single template that controls the structure and styling of a single book page. You cannot edit the structure or styling of the layout/template.

But you can duplicate any number of pages from a single template. For example, you could add another books yourself and the design stays consistent.

Read more about layouts on our pricing page here.

If you’re the one to do the updates, what is the average cost for updates?

If you wanted to change the design (structure, styling, or functionality) of a template, we would estimate time based on your requirements, but typically, adjustments to layouts are $88/hour.

As mentioned in the previous answer, you can manage all of the content yourself, so there’s no cost to ’update’ that in the future.

Do all templates include email sign up and contact?

Yes, your site will include a contact form if you’d like one.

If you mean email list signup/subscription connected to a 3rd party services for sending newsletters, that would be an additional cost.

I recommend Mailchimp for your email list. We can set it up and integrate it with your site.

Read more about using an email list to market your books in my article, Why email is the #1 promotional tool for authors

How it works

After I get in touch, what are the timeframes and how does the project typically work?

A project typically takes 4 weeks from start to finish.

Communication and planning - We discuss your goals, the project brief, content and design. Once the project specifications are determined, I send you a formal quote, with a line-by-line breakdown of the project’s deliverables and costs. On approval of the quote, I send you an invoice and a 50% payment for the project is due. We accept Electronic Fund Transfers and credit card payments.

Content - We collaboratively plan how your website content will be positioned in the site. You supply the content either by using our content submission form, sharing via Google Drive/Dropbox, Uploading via a Dropbox File Request, or simply via email. The communication, planning and content stages take about a week.

Design mockups - I produce mockups for each layout in the design you’ve selected using the content your supplied. If you choose to go for a custom design, I’ll produce a custom mockup. The Design mockups take about a week for us to produce and deliver.

Design Review - Once we complete the mockups and send it to you, you’ll get a chance to review them and suggest changes. We have 1 hour in the budget for amendments. 50% balance of the project is due on approval of the design.

Construction - Once you’ve approved the mockups, we begin construction where I convert the designs into functioning web pages. At this stage I can also migrate content from an existing site (e.g. Wix, Weebly, or Wordpress.com blog), at no extra cost. The Construction usually takes between one and two weeks for us to produce and deliver.

Construction Review - Once we complete construction and send it to you, you'll get a chance to review the completed website. We have 1 hour in the budget for amendments. The Website Essentials package (hosting subscription) is purchased on approval of the construction, if you choose hosting with me.

Deployment - Once you’ve approved the construction we make the site live!

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