Jeannie Baker

“Jin made the whole process of creating my cross-platform responsive website so easy for me! He went out of his way to create the web site I wanted. I’m very happy with the result.”

Gabrielle Wang

“Jin created a site that reflects my personality and the nature of my writing, looks professional and best of all, is simple to navigate.”

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Gabrielle Wang

I am a children’s book writer and illustrator and I love the website Jin Wang has designed for me.

It reflects my personality and the nature of my writing, looks professional and is simple to navigate around. I’m not tech savvy but with Jin’s design I can make changes to the information on my website myself which I think is a real bonus.

Jin is a talented designer who is also courteous and highly professional

Frané Lessac

“Jin’s experience in working with authors and illustrators is the best there is.”

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Frané Lessac

My old website was a mess!

Not only was it outdated and hard to navigate, but it was also aesthetically unpleasing with text and images all over the place. I was long overdue for a new, clean, informative and enjoyable place for visitors.

Jin’s experience in working with authors and illustrators is the best there is.

I first met Jin when he helped me move my first website, created many years ago, to a self-managed entity. He mentioned then that it needed a revamp, but I kept putting it off and patching up my old one with sticky tape. Jin was aware of my body of work and the amount of content involved in creating a new website so we were both realistic what was required and the timeframe.

The efficiency and speed to communicate back and forth on a project are of utmost importance to me. Jin is easy to reach and able to explain and solve any query.

What’s it Jin like to work with? Practicality and Patience. No matter what ‘silly’ question, I throw Jin’s way, he explains it to me, step by step, with grace in layman’s terms. Jin is always there when I forget how to manoeuvre in WordPress.

My advice for other writers considering a new author website? Have an idea of all the possible demographics you hope will visit your site. It will help organise copy, photos, reviews, testimonials, and links.

I wanted a place for children, parents, teachers, librarians, art lovers, curiosity seekers and other creators to gain knowledge about my work. Easy to find where to download activities, watch videos about my process, and my presentations for schools, libraries and festivals.

What’s cool about creating a new Jin and Co website, is the satisfaction in seeing it go live, shiny and new, for all the world to explore.

David Hunt

“I couldn’t be happier with Jin’s design of my website.”

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