Creating a custom author website

Price per layout:

A $1,600 AUS USD $1200
Minimum 3 layouts

We work with you to create a one-of-a-kind website to meet your design, technical, and marketing requirements.

What‘s a layout? A layout is a page template used to build multiple webpages. You can have an unlimited number of pages from each layout, at no extra cost. For example, we would create a single book page template and reuse that to creating individual pages for each of your books. Typically, an author would order a minimum of 3 layouts: Home, Book, and Page.

How it works

When you engage our services in creating a custom website, we initiate a four-stage process spread over four weeks to get your new site is up and running. These stages are:

  1. Pre-Production and Discovery
  2. Design
  3. Construction, and
  4. Deployment
Visual design mockup

Pre-Production and discovery Communication (Week 1)

After you contact us about your project, we’ll invite you to a discovery meeting either at our shop in Melbourne, over the phone, or via Skype. In this meeting we’ll ask you about your envisioned site design, and discuss your website’s purpose and goals, so we capture exactly what you’re looking for.

Once our quote is approved, you’ll be supplied a Project Schedule via email with, which is a timeline of all the steps to getting your website online.

We also send you a shared online document, which you use to supply us with your website content. (We explain exactly what we need from you).

It is also at this stage that you make the first half of the payment for your website.

How we make you look good: the step-by-step process of an author website makeover

Already have a website and considering a revamp?

If you’re using a standard Wordpress template, your content isn’t as accessible as it could be. It’s not designed with an author in mind. It’s not designed for you.

Here’s how I approach a re-design.

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Design Stage (Week 2)

We then create and send you a visual design mock-up, which is purely graphical – it doesn’t function like a website yet, but demonstrating exactly what your site will look like.

Here, you’ll get a chance to review the design and tell us what you think and what needs to change. We do this in either a meeting at our shop, or via phone/Skype meeting. It’s important you supply us with all the amendments you’d like made in this session. Any further major changes before construction may require an additional quote, and designs cannot be changed once we move to construction.

Then we’ll implement your amendments, and send you the mock-up again for your approval.

On your approval, the second half of the payment will be due.

Clare Atkins

Clare Atkins

Author of Nona & Me

“I remain amazed that Jin managed to create a site that captures so much of my personality, and that says ‘me’ without ever having actually met me in person!”

Construction Stage (Week 3)

We then construct your site. The construction will look like the design mock-up in the previous stage, except it’ll be fully functioning for the web.

When the construction is complete, you’ll get a chance to review it on our testing server. We’ll schedule you in for a drop-in or phone/Skype session again to talk about amendments. Again, it’s important you supply us with all amendments in this meeting, as any major amendments past this meeting will have to be quoted for.

Then we’ll implement your changes, and send you the site again for your approval.

Once you approve, you’ll be invited to purchase our Website Essentials Package – which covers your domain name and website hosting.

Deployment Stage (Week 4)

Finally, we’ll do some testing of the site, and when you’re 100% happy, we deploy it to the web!

Your thoughts?

No doubt you have questions I haven’t answered here. Shoot me a quick email and I’ll send one right back.

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