Lynette Noni, known for her acclaimed works including “The Medoran Chronicles” and “The Prison Healer” series, approached Jin & Co. for a comprehensive revamp of her author website. Lynette’s objective was to transition her website into a platform that reflected the dark, edgy fantasy vibe synonymous with her young adult fantasy novels.

Lynette’s objectives

Lynette Noni’s engagement with Jin & Co. was driven by a desire to overhaul her author website into a platform that not only mirrored the sophisticated and magical essence of her young adult fantasy novels but also met specific functional requirements. Her vision was clear: to create a site that balanced a captivating design with practical usability. Key objectives distilled from her briefing included:

  • Sophisticated fantasy design: Lynette emphasized a dark, edgy fantasy theme that reflected the mature yet magical nature of her books. She sought a design that could embody the wonder of “Harry Potter,” the elemental magic of her new series, “The Prison Healer,” and the gritty intrigue comparable to “Game of Thrones.” The design needed to avoid being garish or childlike, aiming instead for an adult fantasy aesthetic that was both sophisticated and magical.
  • Customisation and personalisation: A standout request was for a custom-designed website that deviated from pre-existing templates. This included a shiny, personalised logo or header image that captured Lynette’s brand identity uniquely, inspired by websites she admired.
  • Newsletter sign-up visibility: Ensuring the newsletter sign-up was clearly visible on the landing page, potentially through a pop-up or another user-friendly method, was paramount. The integration was to utilise MailChimp as the hosting service.
  • Social media and ecommerce functionality: Easy links to social media were essential, alongside the later addition of an e-commerce store. This store was to facilitate the sale of book-related merchandise, with Lynette desiring a system that allowed her to manage products dynamically and handle transactions securely, starting with Australian addresses.
  • Content and page structure clarity: Lynette planned to retain a similar structure to her existing site but with added clarity and aesthetic appeal. This included pages for About, Books, Events, Extras (encompassing Writing Advice, Resources, Blog, etc.), FAQs, and Contact. The Books page, in particular, posed a challenge due to the number of titles to be featured, necessitating a design that was both appealing and organised.
  • Font and branding sophistication: The request for fonts that were magical yet easy to read underscored the need for a careful balance in design. The main branding was to include Lynette’s name in a fancy script with a textured, three-dimensional shine, enhancing the site’s magical vibe.

Through Lynette’s detailed brief, the objectives were to blend a rich, fantasy-themed aesthetic with practical, user-centric design elements, creating a website that was not only a testament to her as an author but also an engaging platform for her readers.

Lynette Nonis old website
Before – Lynette Noni’s website before our revamp

Our approach

Understanding Lynette Noni’s vision was paramount. She sought a sophisticated, dark, and edgy fantasy aesthetic to match her Young Adult Fantasy genre, referencing several websites for inspiration.

Key objectives from her brief included a stagnant/static yet interactive landing page, a personalised logo with a magical vibe, easy navigation, and specific functionality like newsletter signup and social media integration. The addition of an e-commerce store for book-related merchandise later expanded the project scope.

Custom design process:

  • Home page: We devised a solution that balanced Lynette’s preference for a static aesthetic with functional needs. Inspired by Hafsah Faizal’s website, the landing page appears static but allows scrolling for additional information like Instagram feeds and newsletter signup—melding sophisticated design with user engagement.
  • Dark, edgy, fantasy vibe: Drawing on Lynette’s desire for a site that captures the essence of her books—ranging from the magical elements of “Harry Potter” to the danger of “Game of Thrones”—we developed a custom design. This included a forged metallic logo that perfectly encapsulated the magical and sophisticated vibe Lynette envisioned.
  • Personalised logo/header: Collaborating closely with Lynette, we crafted a shiny, personalised logo/header image that became a standout brand mark, reflecting her unique identity while resonating with her books’ thematic elements.
  • Navigation and content structure: We refined the site structure to include pages for About, Books, Events, and an Extras tab—housing Writing Advice, Book Recommendations, and more under a single, streamlined navigation element. This approach balanced Lynette’s extensive content needs with the goal of keeping the site uncluttered and easy to navigate.
  • Books page design: Given Lynette’s extensive catalogue, we created a main Books page that directs visitors to individual series pages, avoiding information overload while maintaining aesthetic appeal and ease of navigation.
  • Fonts and branding: The font selection process was meticulous, choosing a magical yet sophisticated style for headings and an easy-to-read sans serif for body text. The main branding incorporated a cursive script with texture and shine, adding a three-dimensional quality that brought the fantasy element to life.
  • E-Commerce integration: Responding to Lynette’s need for a shop for fan merch, we integrated a flexible e-commerce platform – WooCommerce. This allowed for easy management of merchandise like bookmarks and art prints, with Stripe and PayPal integrations for transactions and customisable shipping options.

Design mockups and review:

  • We provided Lynette with detailed mockups via a link, offering a virtual walkthrough of the site. Notes accompanying the mockups highlighted key features such as the script font with gold rendering, atmospheric header images, and the email subscribe call to action, inviting Lynette’s feedback for further customisation.
lynette noni home 1
After – Lynette Noni’s website after our revamp

The outcome

Lynette Noni’s feedback underscores the success of the collaborative process and the achievement of her vision for a website that not only showcases her literary world but also offers an enhanced user and reader experience. From the magic-infused branding to the streamlined navigation and interactive elements, the website stands as a testament to her unique brand and the captivating worlds she creates in her books.

Her testimonial reflects deep satisfaction with the project’s execution, highlighting the ease of updating and managing the website, the beauty of the design, and the professionalism and patience of the Jin & Co. team. Lynette’s journey from a basic website to a professionally designed, custom platform exemplifies the transformative power of understanding client needs and delivering beyond expectations.

Lynette Noni’s testimonial captures the transformative journey of her website revamp and e-commerce integration:

“The transformation of my old website into a visually striking platform has been nothing short of magical.

Jin & Co.’s expertise not only resulted in a site that beautifully represents my books and brand but also significantly simplified the site’s management for me.

Their approach—patient, responsive, and always willing to go the extra mile—ensured that the final product was exactly what I had envisioned. From the initial design concepts to the final deployment, every step was handled with utmost professionalism and attention to detail. The addition of an e-commerce store has opened new avenues for engaging with my readers and providing them with a direct channel to purchase merchandise related to my books.

I am thrilled with the outcome and the positive feedback from my readers has been overwhelming. Jin & Co. have truly exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to elevate their online presence.”

Lynette Noni

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