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Listen up! Valerie has something to say. Designed around the "speech bubble", Valerie’s author website amplifies her unique voice among the confusing babble of the web and social media. Her readers love the simplicity of her site, a two-tone design matching the visuals of her latest book. It also feels oddly familiar, with the titles emulating the chalk of a classroom blackboard.

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What some happy authors have to say

Belinda Murrell
Author of Lulu Bell Series

“After ten years, my old author website was tired and outdated. I asked Jin to help me design a new website that was fresh, modern, warm, welcoming, easy to navigate and reflected a strong sense of my author brand. I’m absolutely thrilled with the new design and can highly recommend Jin.”

What’s included

  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Social media links
  • Custom email address
  • Contact form
  • Importing current site content

How it works

  1. Choose your layouts
  2. We collaboratively personalise
  3. We add your content, or migrate existing content
  4. We build your site and make it live

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