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Buy our ‘Olivia’ design. Beautiful for all writers.

Olivia is a modern writer, and her website is built for the modern reader.

Olivia’s sleek, text-minimal design is constructed around a ‘no-scroll’ style, making navigation familiar and super-intuitive. The home page is a horizontal carousel, which can be customised to cycle between book covers, other pages of the website, or a combination of both. Her blog uses the same carousel, which makes finding posts, whether old or new, hassle-free.

Olivia’s site also accommodates multimedia, like videos and audio previews of her books.

On Olivia’s website, you can explore and wander to your heart’s content, without ever getting lost.

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What some happy authors have to say

Dervla McTiernan
Author of The Ruin

“Jin is a talented designer. His websites are unique, beautifully designed and very good value. I would recommend him to any author who wants a website that will be an asset to their branding and marketing efforts.”

What’s included

  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Social media links
  • Custom email address
  • Contact form
  • Importing current site content

How it works

  1. Choose your layouts
  2. We collaboratively personalise
  3. We add your content, or migrate existing content
  4. We build your site and make it live

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