Experience the charm and ignite creativity with our playful author website template, ‘Lucas’.

Perfect for a children’s book author with a series of captivating books and a unique personality to boot, the ‘Lucas’ template offers a personalised website that brings the charm of your enchanting book series to life online.

The ‘Lucas’ template is designed to reflect the wonder, laughter, and adventure found in your stories that have won over young readers everywhere. It helps create a virtual space that mirrors the whimsical world inside your books – a place where visitors can explore your captivating universe, connect with the narratives, and experience the magic you bring to life.

Features and benefits:

  • Playful design: This template offers a vibrant and engaging design, setting the stage for a memorable online experience that transports visitors into your magical world.
  • Books with featured reviews: The homepage of your website will prominently showcase your book series with glowing reviews, adding credibility and generating excitement among potential readers.
  • Short biography and character elements: Visitors will find a brief bio and charming character elements from your stories on the homepage, immediately fostering curiosity and connection.
  • Prominent author photo with series elements: The About page features a striking author photo, adorned with whimsical elements from your book series, introducing visitors to the author behind the magic and establishing a sense of trust.
  • Contact details for publicity and bookings: Make your contact information easily accessible for publicity inquiries and booking opportunities, streamlining communication with publishers, event organisers, and fans.
  • Promotion of the latest book: The About page will also highlight your latest release, creating buzz and encouraging book sales.
  • Prominent book cover and supplementary elements: The single book page will beautifully display the book cover, enhanced with elements that reflect the story’s essence, offering an immersive experience for visitors.
  • Book reviews: Glowing reviews from delighted readers on the single book page inspire trust and anticipation for an unforgettable reading journey.
  • Clear buy book button and download links: A clear ‘Buy Book’ button, with convenient download links, makes it effortless for readers to purchase your stories.
  • Promotion of other books in the series: Showcase other books in your series on the single book page, encouraging readers to continue their journey through your captivating universe.
  • Email newsletter subscription: Visitors can subscribe to your engaging email newsletter to stay updated on your latest releases, behind-the-scenes insights, and exclusive content.
  • Dedicated blog page: Share your writing process, offer valuable tips, and engage with your readership through a dedicated blog page.

If you’re a children’s book author looking to create a website that captures your imagination, sparks curiosity, and engages young readers, our ‘Lucas’ template is your perfect choice. Let us help transform your vision into a captivating author website that showcases your unique universe. Each design is unique and exclusive, sold only once, maintaining the individuality of your author brand. Get in touch with us today to embark on this enchanting website journey!

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👇🏻 Lucas’ Home Page Template
👇🏻 Lucas’ About Page Template
About Page Template
👇🏻 Lucas’ Book Page Template
Book Page Template
👇🏻 Lucas’ Blog Single Page Template
Blog Single Page Template
👇🏻 Lucas’ Blog Page Template
Blog Page Template
👇🏻 Lucas’ Blog Single Page Template
Blog Single Page Template

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