Your Author Website, Your Way

Meet Lacey, a versatile wordsmith, skilled in the art of ghostwriting, an accomplished author, and a captivating speaker. With a treasure trove of published works and a flair for guiding workshops, Lacey is a true luminary in the world of words.

Unify Your Online Presence

For authors like Lacey, whose talents span various facets of the literary world, having an all-encompassing online space is a necessity. The Lacey Website Template is meticulously designed to bring your books, workshops, speaker bookings, and ghostwriting services together in one polished and professional hub.

Features to Supercharge Your Impact:

  • Professional minimal design: Immerse your audience in an elegant, professional online environment that mirrors your unwavering commitment.
  • Consistent banner: A unified banner endows your website with a consistent and trustworthy appearance across every page.
  • Highlighted testimonials: Allow satisfied clients to speak for your capabilities, front and center on the homepage.
  • Effortless navigation: Shortcut links on the homepage provide swift access to your books, speaking engagements, workshops, and services.
  • Service clarity: The services page employs visuals and icons to facilitate a clear and engaging presentation of your process, making it more accessible.
  • Trusted testimonials: Showcase glowing reviews from your delighted clients, reinforcing your credibility on the services page.
  • Single book page: Each book enjoys a dedicated space, complete with prominent covers, reviews, and easy purchase options.
  • Other authored works: Feature your additional books, offering visitors a comprehensive view of your literary portfolio on the single book page.
  • Author spotlight: An inviting photo on the about page enables readers to connect with the personality behind the prose.
  • Tagline impact: A succinct tagline atop the about page captures the essence of your expertise and experience.
  • Contact details: Clear and accessible information for inquiries and bookings is provided on the about page.
  • Dedicated events page: Separate your speaking engagements and workshops, giving them the spotlight they deserve on their individual events page.

This template is meticulously crafted to cater to accomplished authors like yourself, offering a distinctive design that sets you apart. If you’re in search of a streamlined solution to manage your website and enhance your online presence, place your trust in the Lacey Author Website Template to ensure a seamless process.

Ignite Your Literary Journey Today

Invest in your online presence today and allow the world to witness the brilliance of your work. With the Lacey Author Website Template, you’re not just building a website; you’re constructing a bridge to a future filled with continued success in the literary world. Embark on your journey now, just as Lacey did. You’re poised to shine!

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Debut Package

  • $1,190
  • $895

Published Package

  • $1,785
  • $1,350

Established Package

  • $2,680
  • $1,945

Brand Package

  • $3,275
  • $2,550
👇🏻 Lacey’s Home Page Template
👇🏻 Lacey’s About Page Template
About Page Template
👇🏻 Lacey’s Book Page Template
Book Page Template
👇🏻 Lacey’s Events Page Template
Events Page Template
👇🏻 Lacey’s How It Works Page Template
How It Works Page Template

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