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Buy our ‘Judith’ design. For fiction and non-fiction writers.

Judith’s modern two-tone design guides the reader’s eyes to where they need to go, making finding information a breeze, and reading it a pleasure.

It’s a design that is structured but not formulaic, offering much flexibility: Each page can be colour-coded differently, and the background illustration can be changed, to complement whatever Judith puts up for display, whether it be fiction, non-fiction, newpaper columnm, or podcast

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What some happy authors have to say

Vikki Wakefield
Author of Inbetween Days

“When I started searching for a website designer I felt daunted and a little lost. The result is a website that captures the essence of my style as writer. Jin has that rare quality in a designer – he listens.”

What’s included

  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Social media links
  • Custom email address
  • Contact form
  • Importing current site content

How it works

  1. Choose your layouts
  2. We collaboratively personalise
  3. We add your content, or migrate existing content
  4. We build your site and make it live

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