Jenna Guillaume

I needed a website to showcase both my books and freelance work but I didn’t have the time or design skills to make one that would satisfy me. 

Jin came highly recommended by a number of writer friends, and I loved all of his designs. He helped select one that was exactly right for me and made the whole process so easy.

Jin is wonderful to work with; very patient, proactive, and understanding. 

I now have a shiny new website that I get compliments on all the time! If it weren’t for Jin my URL would still be landing on a ‘404 page not found’.

I’d recommend working with Jin for any writer looking to build a beautiful and functional author website. 

It was really exciting to see it all mocked up for the first time.

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Debut Package

  • $1,190
  • $895

Published Package

  • $1,785
  • $1,350

Established Package

  • $2,680
  • $1,945

Brand Package

  • $3,275
  • $2,550
Jenna Guillaume
👇🏻 Jenna Guillaume’s Home Page Template
Jenna Guillaume

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