Hayley’s Personalised Author & Journalist Website Template

Engaging Introduction:

Meet Hayley, a versatile author and journalist with an impressive body of work spanning various genres. She’s a reserved individual, preferring to let her creations do the talking. Hayley desires a tailor-made website that elegantly houses her diverse works, allowing them to shine cohesively. The goal is to create a digital space that mirrors her minimalist and unobtrusive style while making it easy for her readers to explore her literary world.


Hayley’s quiet yet powerful presence shines through her writings, and her vision is to extend this artistic expression to her website. She envisions a platform where her works are neatly organised and easily accessible, all while reflecting her humble demeanour in every design element.

Feature-to-Benefit Conversion:

  • Minimalist design: Our template offers a clean and uncluttered design, ensuring Hayley’s works take centre stage without distractions.
  • Dark mode palette: The dark mode option reduces eye strain, enhancing the reading experience for her audience.
  • Prominent author name: Hayley’s name is showcased on the home page in a large font size, making it a centrepiece that’s hard to miss.
  • Bookshelf display: Her books are elegantly displayed on a virtual bookshelf, allowing visitors to browse through her literary collection.
  • Prominent cover: The single book page prominently features the book cover, making it easy for readers to connect with her creations.
  • Clear buy and download links: Direct links for purchasing Hayley’s books and downloading them are available on the single book page.
  • Email newsletter subscription: Stay connected with her dedicated readership through an integrated email newsletter sign-up.
  • Author photo and biography: The About page features a subtle author photo and a detailed biography, offering visitors a glimpse into Hayley’s world.
  • Contact details: Publicity and booking information are readily available on the About page, making it easy for interested parties to get in touch.


For authors and journalists like Hayley, our website template offers more than a digital presence – it’s a reflection of your unique style and vast body of work. With flexible designs, you can craft your online space just the way you envision it, ensuring your works take the spotlight they deserve. Get started today, and let’s simplify the process of building your digital home. Your exclusive online presence is just a click away.

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About Page Template
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Book Page Template

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