Embrace elegance with ‘Giselle’ – a personalised author website template inspired by a figure who’s made waves in her career.

Ready to inspire and connect with her audience, ‘Giselle’ represents a template that can help memoir authors like you capture your audience’s attention.

Imagine this scenario: you, like Giselle, have a compelling memoir to share. You are ready to engage with your readers, showcase your unique journey, and promote your book through a sophisticated online platform. That’s where ‘Giselle’, our author website template, comes into play.

Features and benefits:

  • Minimalist design: This sleek and minimalist design offers a platform for your memoir to take the spotlight. The neutral palette amplifies your work, allowing your story to resonate.
  • Homepage focus: Your memoir cover and a tantalising description greet visitors on the homepage, creating an unforgettable first impression!
  • Space for images and quotes: The template offers special areas for intriguing images and inspiring quotes, enhancing the visual appeal and deepening your readers’ connection to your story.
  • Single book page: A dedicated page for your memoir presents a prominent book cover, compelling reviews, and clear purchase and download links, ensuring a seamless experience for your readers.
  • About me page: Your journey is unique and deserves a spotlight. This page presents a prominent author photo, contact details for publicity and bookings, and a riveting snapshot of your journey.
  • Dedicated blog page: Share your thoughts, career insights, and musings with readers through a dedicated blog page. This platform enables you to engage your audience and cultivate a community of loyal followers.
  • Newsletter sign-up: An inbuilt feature for gathering newsletter subscribers ensures your fans stay updated and connected, never missing an update or event.
  • Real-time Instagram feed: Your dynamic social media presence integrates directly into your website, offering fresh content and a glimpse into your world.

If you’re poised to share your memoir and make your mark, the ‘Giselle’ template offers a seamless website design solution.

Remember, each design is sold only once, preserving the exclusive nature of your online presence. Let the world get a taste of your journey, captivate your audience, and promote your memoir like never before with ‘Giselle’.

Pick a package

Debut Package

  • $1,190
  • $895

Published Package

  • $1,785
  • $1,350

Established Package

  • $2,680
  • $1,945

Brand Package

  • $3,275
  • $2,550
👇🏻 Giselle’s Home Page Template
👇🏻 Giselle’s About Page Template
About Page Template
👇🏻 Giselle’s Book Page Template
Book Page Template
👇🏻 Giselle’s Blog Page Template
Blog Page Template
👇🏻 Giselle’s Blog Single Page Template
Blog Single Page Template
👇🏻 Giselle’s Event Page Template
Event Page Template

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