Perfect for fantasy and YA authors, the “Elisa” design captures the mystical essence of your storytelling. Inspired by a talented fantasy writer, this template is crafted to blend creativity with professionalism, creating a magical online presence.

  • Dark Theme: Create a mysterious and enchanting atmosphere with a striking dark theme.
  • Prominent Author Identity: Display your name and photo boldly on the homepage, establishing your presence instantly.
  • Featured Book Section: Showcase your latest release front and centre, captivating visitors from the start.
  • News and Events: Keep readers informed with the latest news and upcoming events.
  • Instagram Preview: Engage visitors with a visual preview of your latest Instagram posts.
  • Detailed About Page: Share your journey with a comprehensive bio and a prominent author photo.
  • Single Book Showcase: Highlight each book with a full-width image and compelling description.
  • Easy Purchases: Clear links for seamless book purchases.
  • Social Media Integration: Connect with fans effortlessly through accessible social media links.

“Elisa” offers a mystical and professional website design, perfect for fantasy authors looking to enchant their readers. Start your journey and captivate your audience today.

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Debut Package

  • $1,190
  • $895

Published Package

  • $1,785
  • $1,350

Established Package

  • $2,680
  • $1,945

Brand Package

  • $3,275
  • $2,550
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About Page Template
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Book Page Template