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Conn Iggulden

When entering Conn Iggulden’s site, his book covers jump out at us. They are the main attraction. Seamlessly compatible with the site’s design and prominent in 3D against a simple background, the covers are further complimented by a medieval style font. And as users scroll down the home page, they will find an easily readable list containing comprehensive blurbs for each history based book.
Tags: 3D book covers, black, blue, dark background, grunge, horizontal menu, serif font, textured background
  • Eric
    Thanks for co-authoring the book titled, “ The Dangerous Book for Boys.” At an older age though it has helped me in the area of the nine kinds of words, and have greatly improved on my grammar. I’m here in America where we refer to the nine kinds of words as “ Parts of speech.” However, after reading your way ( a bit at a time and well organized I might say ) and your bother’s way of explaining it really got my attention and only then finally after the light bulb went on in my head. Finally, all 3 parts were beneficial to me and other chapters of the book were just as helpful. Yours sincerely, Eric.
    Jul 14, 2018 17:13pm

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