Discover the essential built-in features we’ve crafted for your success.

As author website specialists, we understand the importance of having a strong online presence for authors in today’s digital landscape.

That’s why we exclusively use WordPress for all of our sites and have developed a special custom in-house theme tailored to your needs.

This theme has all the essential features you need to promote your books, build your brand, and connect with your readers. We’ve taken care of every detail, from showcasing your work in an eye-catching manner to providing the tools you need to engage with your fans and boost sales.

Explore our comprehensive list of features below, and discover how our WordPress-powered author websites can help you stand out and make a lasting impression in the literary world.

All included features

Fully responsive (mobile-friendly) design

We make sure your website looks stunning and is easy to navigate on all devices, ensuring a delightful experience for your visitors.

Compelling author bio

We showcase your unique story to build trust and help readers connect with you on a personal level.

Complete bibliography

We display your entire body of work, so fans can effortlessly discover and purchase your books.

Eye-catching book covers

We feature your book covers prominently, making your work visually appealing and memorable.

Seamless social media integration

We link your site to your social profiles, boosting your online presence and fan engagement.

Engaging blog section

We create a space for you to share insights, news, and events, demonstrating your expertise and keeping readers hooked.

Up-to-date events calendar

We showcase your upcoming appearances, encouraging reader interaction and driving book sales.

Ready-to-go media kit

We compile your promotional materials, making it a breeze for the press and media to cover your work and boost your brand awareness.

Easy-to-use contact form

We ensure readers, publishers, and media can reach you effortlessly, creating valuable communication and networking opportunities.

Powerful reviews and testimonials

We highlight rave reviews, building credibility and enticing potential readers.

Impressive awards and accolades

We showcase your achievements, reinforcing your success and credibility.

Profitable affiliate links

We help you promote other authors or products, generating extra income while supporting the author community.

User-friendly search functionality

We make it simple for visitors to find what they’re looking for, enhancing their overall experience.

Time-saving FAQ section

We address common questions, making life easier for both you and your readers.

Exciting guest post opportunities

We invite fellow authors to contribute to your site, diversifying your content and attracting more traffic.

Captivating podcasts and interviews

We share your audio or video content, offering added value and engaging a wider audience.

Valuable resources and writing tips

We offer expert advice, positioning you as an authority and supporting aspiring writers.

Interactive reading group guides

We provide discussion materials for book clubs, increasing reader engagement with your work.

Enticing excerpts and teasers

We share sneak peeks of your upcoming books, building anticipation and driving sales.

Professional author photos

We display high-quality images, humanising you and reinforcing your brand identity.

Transparent privacy policy and terms of use

We clarify website policies, protecting you and your visitors.

Prominent press mentions

We feature media coverage, reinforcing your credibility and success in the industry.

Dynamic book trailer videos

We showcase your work through engaging videos, capturing reader interest and sparking curiosity.

Inclusive website accessibility

We follow accessibility guidelines, creating an inclusive experience for all users and demonstrating your commitment to social responsibility.

BookFunnel Integration

With our BookFunnel integration, simplify your book promotion and distribution. Readers can easily download your books with a few clicks, and you’ll receive valuable insights to understand and connect with your audience.

Optional paid upgrades

Exclusive email newsletter sign-up

We help you stay in touch with your fans by offering updates and news, fostering reader loyalty and boosting sales.

Convenient online store

We enable direct book sales, maximizing your profits and offering a seamless shopping experience for fans.

Exclusive member login area

We provide premium content for registered users, encouraging repeat visits and enhancing fan loyalty.

Insightful analytics integration

We track visitor behaviour, empowering you to make data-driven improvements to your website and marketing efforts.

Effective SEO optimization

We ensure your website ranks well in search engines, increasing visibility and attracting new readers.