Hello from Jin & Co.

Trusted by leading Australian and international authors, a Jin & Co. author website will give you a distinct professional identity to promote both you and your books.

Welcome to Jin & Co. (34sec)

Hi, I’m Jin,
a designer in Melbourne, Australia.

We specialise in author website design, so I’m dedicated to helping writers, editors and illustrators from Australia and abroad build their personal brands online.

Why authors? Read my letter here.

My goal is to make the process of buying a website for authors simple, affordable, and risk-free.


Our unique approach is to offer a large collection of pre-made designs, that you can see before you buy. When you select a design, it becomes exclusively yours ~ no one else will have one like it.

Under our pricing model, you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for, and how much you’ll be paying, from the beginning of the project to the very end.

Unlike other web designers, our relationship doesn’t just end when your website goes online. I’ll continue to help you use your website according to your needs. This doesn’t just mean the technical stuff, but also how you can leverage your website to build an online brand and sell your books. I offer a free 12-month ‘post-launch’ course with tips and advice about taking your new website to the next level.

I also write articles with useful tips & book marketing strategies.

What else? I’m a huge basketball fan. My personal mantra is: Be proactive.

Jin Wang

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